Experience the vibrancy that comes with elegantly transformed spaces using Extraweave’s intricately woven synthetic rug. Our unique collection of border design brown has been designed to ensure style and comfort to grace your living spaces. Our customized collection of border design brown can be availed in 2 x 3, 2.5 x 7 ft and 8 x 10 ft and will be an exquisite piece of furniture catering to your fine aesthetics.

These intricately crafted rugs from Extraweave are dispatched directly from the factory to your homes. Extraweave’s border design brown rug is a  blend of feel and hue that enliven your spaces. The different sizes have been finely tailored to make every nook and corner of your living spaces adorable.

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Synthetic fibers are chemically synthesized and are smooth and mostly lightweight. They are some of the most widely sold carpet fibers in the market. The major types of fibers are Nylon, Polyester, Polypropylene, and Triexta

Care & Maintanence

1. Vacuum regularly to remove loose dirt and debris.
2. Solid material can be either removed by vacuuming or by using a knife.
3. Any liquid spill should be immediately cleaned with a clean white cloth to avoid stains.
4. Loose ends of the fibre may stick out under severe wear and tear. Clip these ends, Pulling threads or fibre may lead to severe damage to the rug.
5. Spills of Coloured liquid and Curry have to be immediately treated with club soda to neutralize the stain.
6. Avoid Humidity and Moisture at all costs.
7. Only in case of a severe stain should you resort to a mild soap solution. Blot to treat them and remove the solution with a wet towel.

Shipping and Return

  • World Wide Free Shipping.
  • Ready made sizes ship out in 1-2 Business Days. Delivery within 7-10 working days.
  • Custom made sizes ship out in 3-7 Business Days. Delivery within 15-20 working days.
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