Business owners regard to trade shows a golden opportunity to make a connection. A custom trade show rug can be made to suit your requirements no matter the size, texture or pattern. They are more cost-effective than rental options and can be reused any number of times. We at Extraweave have a wide array of styles and textures to suit your specific needs.

  • Mark Your Booth

Trade Shows can be hectic; it’s easy for two booths to look like one organization. With your very own sisal rug you can mark the boundary of your booth.This also allows you to stand out from the others. Trade shows tend to be monotonous with stall after stall. A rug can cause curiosity within an individual and may get them to show interest in your stall.

  • Hide Cables

With a trade show stall, a lot of electronic equipment comes as baggage. Although these are required for the functioning of the stall, they create an inconvenience by making the area look messy. Hiding cords and cables under the rugs can present a more polished appearance to the visitors.

  • Provide Cushioned Support

With your staff being present in the stall for hours at a stretch, they may get tired walking on a hard-tiled floor which doesn’t absorb impact very well. A rug offers cushioned support than the hard surface of the floor. It lets your staff stay comfortable and can also give relief to some of the visitors.

Require custom rugs for your trade show stalls? Choose the material and give us the specs, we’ll get to work. Send us an enquiry email with all your details to