One of the easiest and quickest ways to enrich a room would be to add a rug from the Extraweave Collection – Rugs with pastel shades, pleasant textures, and synchronized weaves ensure that any room feels of the utmost quality and are enjoyed by all. At Extraweave, we have a large collection of Sisal, Jute, Wool, Cotton, and Lyocell rugs that will adorn any home. Our representatives would be happy to suggest the best rugs to suit any room one plans to decorate. We aim to provide the most suitable rugs to match your requirements. We at Extraweave understand that every client’s requirements differ depending on the design or even personality. Our inventory has a wide array of options to suit each individual client. Where sure you’d like to decorate your abode in a unique and stunning manner, Here are a few tips to guide one through the process.

1. Best Suited To Allergies
A family consists of many individuals, with allergies in mind one can opt for one of our rugs to keep them sniffle free all year long. Our representatives are always present to suggest rugs to meet your demands.

2. Free Sample
It’s impossible to judge a rug’s softness or design through a screen. We are more than happy to send over free samples to help you pick out the rug that meets your requirements. We at Extraweave encourage our clients to opt for free samples in order for them to choose a rug that best suits them.

3. Usage & Durability
Some houses tend to see more foot traffic than others, leading to broken tiles and scuffed floors. Using rugs in such spaces can make it comfortable for everyone and by choosing the right colour and material, can make these rugs as good as new.