Beautify Your Store with Natural Rugs

We at Extraweave know how important it is to make a great first impression on your customers. Most retail shops often have unimaginative and monotonous interiors. Our quality area rugs enrich the atmosphere and make a retail space inviting which encourages the customers to make purchases.

Stores can be big or small just like our rugs. We at Extraweave believe that each individual need is different and customize rugs to suit their requirement. Our rugs can be custom fit to suit different shapes and sizes.


  • Eases the Customer

The pleasant and neutral colour of area rugs has a soothing effect on the customers. It makes them linger in your shop for longer eventually leading to purchases.

  • Cushions Footsteps

An individual would enjoy walking on a cushy rug more than a hard tiled floor. Our Wool, Sisal, and Jute rugs provide extreme levels of comfort.

  • Organize Your Space

Our rugs can be made to custom fit different areas of the store. A part of the store that requires more space can use a rectangular rug and section that requires less space can have a circular rug.

  • Easy Maintenance

Our Sisal and Wool rugs are both stain and water-resistant making it easy to maintain. They also grab onto dirt and stop them from scattering all over.


The various materials we use have their own properties. Sisal rugs are best suited for individuals with allergies. Jute rugs come with different styles, colors and patterns., they are also eco-friendly. Wool rugs can endure a great amount of foot traffic making it strong and resilient.