Save On Bulk Orders with Our Discount Rate Program

Working at an Architecture firm or as an interior designer? We are sure you use rugs to glamorize your designs and enrich spaces. Should an individual in your line of business pay the same as everyone else? The simple answer is no. At Extraweave we provide our products and services at an exclusive 10% discount rate statewide to our trade members.

Recommended Professions & Businesses

Our discount Rate Program is aimed at professionals from various specializations that require the best quality product at the lowest rate to boost their sales and increase their profits. A few of the businesses our program is open to:

  • Carpet and rug dealers
  • Home decor centers
  • Interior designers
  • Furniture stores
  • Architects

Not to worry if your business isn’t on the list, send us an enquiry email with all your details to and we’ll induct you into the program after the screening process.

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