It’s always a precious moment when you spend time with friends, family or even colleagues. You would want them to leave with a positive impression, Area rugs make sure they do. Area rugs are aesthetically pleasing and are a must-have accessory for any gathering.

1. Broaden One’s Creativity

An area rug is an essential part of a venue be it indoors or outdoors. Event spaces let you unleash the designer in you to suit your very own personal style. With a wide array of patterns and colors to choose from, it’s not hard to find a rug that suits your event theme. Extraweave Area Rugs are aimed at being the best suited for any type of event, be it a rustic themed wedding or a modern contemporary reception. Here are a few from our collection:


With our natural fiber area rugs, any event space can dribble in elegance.

2. Convenient to all

Most event spaces opt for concrete floors for convenience leaving it drab, boring and unimaginative. Laying down an Area Rug instantly brightens up the area. A cushy well-carpeted floor is always better to walk on than a tilled or a hardwood floor. It sure does let your guests know you’re thinking about them as well.

3. Hide the Imperfections

A floor is used daily and it’s natural for stains, scuff marks and spots to arise. While hosting a party you wouldn’t want the guests to notice such flaws, Just head over to our website to pick out one of our area rugs to cover up the flaws and complement your decor.

4. Here’s a tip while purchasing

There’s a lot that goes on while planning for your special day. Seating arrangements, Flowers, Candles, Lights and so much more, An area rug would complete each and every aspect and would be a perfect addition for any gathering. Here are a few tips to guide you in selecting the perfect rug:

5. Quality & Durability

Events could have a large number of people attending. Rugs used should be of high-quality material and should be able to handle wear and tear.

7. Suitable Size

Area Rugs can be customized beyond colour and pattern to have even size options. Smaller areas can make do with a round rug whereas larger area requires rectangular rugs.

7. Varying Weather

While hosting an outdoor event, you need a rug that holds well under a moist or dry climate. Synthetic fiber would be the best suited as they resist stains, mildew, and moisture.